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December 8, 2009 - Comptel
Comptel Recognizes the Aktino Copper over Fiber Advantage

Read more about a letter published by Comptel where the Aktino product line is recognized. Below is a caption from page 5 of the letter.

"Earlier this year Aktino announced that its Ethernet-Over-Copper products will deliver up to 100Mbps on just 5 copper pairs (80 Mbps on four copper pairs) and Ericsson announced that it has demonstrated 500 Mbps transmission rate over copper cabling, more than double the prediction two years ago, with plans to implement by the end of this year. Moreover, a study by Stanford University and ASSIA Inc. found a copper line architecture called the CuPON architecture “allows a DSL 0.5-1 Gb/s data rate per customer and roughly 100 Gb/s of readily realizable total bandwidth for a typical 200-pair telephone company distribution area.” These advancements are transforming services to business and residential markets. For example, Cavalier uses unbundled copper facilities to provide a triple-play of voice, broadband and IPTV services."

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