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April 3, 2007
Aktino's MIMO on DMT Equipment Delivers Fiber-like Reliability, Higher Bandwidth in Carrier Backhaul Test

Aktino's Ethernet over Copper equipment performed to meet and exceed Fiber Service Level Agreements (SLA) in a cell site backhaul test that was conducted over several months under the challenges of harsh weather conditions, the company announced today.

For the test, the Aktino FiberSLA™ system was installed at three cell sites, ranging from 8,000 to 14,000 feet from the central office (CO). The links were monitored for an extended period and showed that Aktino's AK3000 and AK4000 equipment, thanks to its core MIMO (multiple input, multiple output) on DMT technology, not only exceeds the capabilities of legacy copper-based technologies like HDSL2/4, it performs on par with fiber to provide FiberSLA capability. It also showed that Aktino's AK3000 and AK4000 products provided up to four times the bandwidth that HDSL2 or HDSL4 provided on the same links.

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