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March 24, 2009
Aktino Doubles Rate/Reach Performance of its Ethernet-over Copper Products

Beginning May 2009 Aktino’s family of Ethernet-Over-Copper (EoCu) products will double the downstream rate/reach of its current products. Aktino EoCu will deliver up to 100Mbps on just five copper pairs (80Mbps on four copper pairs). Thus, Aktino is further distancing itself from all other E.SHDSL bonded copper vendors. Aktino’s current AK5xx EoCu products are field upgradeable for higher bandwidth via a simple, software upgrade.

100Mbps downstream is precisely the kind of bandwidth needed at cell sites to satisfy bandwidth-hungry smart phones, wireless data traffic and 3G/4G technologies. High bandwidth is also needed to upgrade copper-fed DSLAMs and provide higher speed DSL services to residential and SMB customers. Both cell site and DSLAM applications are intrinsically “traffic asymmetric,” and Aktino’s “bonded DMT” technology is the only available technology that delivers “asymmetric mode” over the full Carrier Serving Area. By contrast, E.SHDSL-based products are limited to symmetric operation.

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