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October 25, 2010
Positron Delivers World’s First Live 100 Mbps Mobile Backhaul Links over Copper

Newport Beach, CALIFORNIA, October 25, 2010 – Positron Access, a leader in ultra high bandwidth for mobile backhaul and Ethernet business services, announces the large scale deployment of cell site backhaul with speeds reaching up to 100 Mbps for a large Tier 1 European carrier. This deployment within an advanced 3G network comes after successful completion of a six month 30-site pilot project. It is the first live deployment of Ethernet over copper for mobile backhaul that shatters the 50 Mbps barrier and raises the bar to 100 Mbps.

“We have worked closely with our customer and our strategic partners to integrate the Aktino solution into the carrier’s multi-vendor wireless network,” says Claude Brisson, COO of Positron. “We are extremely pleased to be part of such a large scale roll-out of next generation high speed wireless services for an innovative client.”

Delivering 100 Mbps carrier Ethernet services to cell sites is critical to the deployment of 3G/4G wireless networks. Using Positron’s Aktino bonded copper solutions, service providers can quickly deliver up to 100 Mbps to cell sites over the existing copper infrastructure and avoid the high cost and long schedules of deploying fiber facilities. Based on patented MIMO-over-DMT technology, Positron’s Aktino solution not only provides the highest bandwidth over the longest distances on existing copper facilities but also delivers fiber-like reliability to meet the demanding requirements of wireless service providers and their customer’s insatiable hunger for bandwidth.

Wireless carriers are scrambling to keep pace with the ubiquitous proliferation of smart phones and bandwidth rich applications. Between 2010 and 2014, industry experts anticipate 1.5 billion new mobile subscribers and 1.2 billion new mobile broadband subscribers. It is expected that bandwidth requirements will grow exponentially from today’s 1-3 Mbps per cell site to 25, 50 and 100 Mbps per cell site in only a few years, creating an acute need for Ethernet backhaul services. Aktino’s unique and software-configurable bandwidth profiles are perfectly suited for mobile data traffic patterns, which put a high emphasis on download speeds as users browse the web, read their emails or watch videos on their mobile phones. The Aktino solution is widely deployed by carriers to profitably deliver high speed Ethernet services to businesses and upgrade residential broadband services, meeting the expected requirements of mobile backhaul solutions.

“This live deployment of 50 and 100 Mbps mobile backhaul is an important milestone for Positron and for the industry,” says Hossam Salib, VP of Product Management and Marketing for Positron Access. “It demonstrates that the wireless industry, which is facing unprecedented bandwidth demands on their network, can still continue to utilize their existing cost-effective copper infrastructure to quickly and profitably deploy the next generation of wireless network.” In North America, 75 percent of cell sites are still served by copper facilities. Positron’s Aktino solution allows operators and carriers to rapidly convert this existing infrastructure into high speed Ethernet data pipes that meet the requirements of current and future wireless users at a fraction of the cost of deploying fiber or microwave radios.

About Positron Access Solutions
Founded in 1970, Positron, a member of the Metro Ethernet Forum, develops and manufactures telecommunications equipment including Aktino carrier-class bonded copper solutions and fiber optic transmission equipment for SONET/SDH and packet-based carrier networks for applications including Mobile Backhaul, Metro Ethernet Networks, Core transport networks, access and edge aggregation, and triple-play backhaul. The Converged Access portfolio includes the pseudowire based AEX-50/100 for the edge of access and metro networks. Positron's global footprint extends from the United States and Canada through Europe, Latin America, Australia, Asia and the South Pacific.

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