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August 24, 2011
Positron's FlexStream Solution Drastically Extends and Expands Shoreham Telephone’s DSLAM and Mobile Backhaul Bandwidth and Footprint

Newport Beach, CALIFORNIA, August 24, 2011 - Positron Access, the leading global supplier of carrier Ethernet over bonded copper solutions for DSLAM and mobile backhaul, announced today that Shoreham Telephone, a telecommunications company in Vermont, has deployed Positron’s Aktino AK355 FlexStream solution to offer services to Tier 1 wireless carriers. Shoreham Telephone required a single span solution that provided a full DS3 or 45 Mbps, scalable to 100 Mbps, of bandwidth to deploy T1s to a Tier 1 wireless carrier. Positron’s industry leading single span AK355 was selected as the ideal solution by Shoreham Telephone because of its shorter deployment times, scalability to 100 Mbps Ethernet services on the same platform and superior single span rate and reach.

Bandwidth hungry applications such as video on demand, consume the majority of the downstream bandwidth during peak hours. After deploying Positron’s FlexStream solution in six locations in less than six months, Shoreham is able to meet these escalating bandwidth demands and also has excess capacity to meet future needs without costly network upgrades. Additionally, Shoreham Telephone was able to gain 50 fold increases to their DSLAM backhaul bandwidth at the six locations coupled with significant 75% reduction in operational expenses relative to legacy T1 deployments.

“This is an exciting time for Shoreham Telephone and for our business and residential customers as we have deployed Positron’s FlexStream solution that enables us to deliver more advanced voice, data and video services across existing and new market segments,” explained Don Arnold, President of Shoreham Telephone. “With Positron’s FlexStream solution, we are confident that we can seize opportunities and meet the escalating bandwidth requirements from new applications and cloud computing services.”

As one of the nation’s oldest local exchange carriers, Shoreham chose Positron’s FlexStream Ethernet solution for DSLAM and mobile backhaul to avoid long deployment times associated with fiber, enabling them to deliver significantly higher broadband rates than T1s without compromising reliability or coverage of their network footprint. Positron was the only solution provider to meet Shoreham’s bandwidth expectations of up to 18 Kft with no repeaters (average 50 Mbps) and was unique in delivering 70 Mbps over a four mile loop with one FlexStream AIR regenerator.

“For decades, service providers have relied on T1 lines to backhaul wireline and wireless broadband data and voice services to their customers,” said Hossam Salib, Vice President of Product Management and Marketing for Positron Access. “Positron’s FlexStream solution continues to substantiate that there is a compelling business case for replacing legacy T1 links without trenching fiber by leveraging the existing copper infrastructure and delivering cost effectively higher broadband data rates with extended reach and reliability.”

Given the proven benefits of the deployed systems, Shoreham will extend and expand their remote IP DSLAM bandwidth capacity by deploying Positron’s FlexStream solution to many more locations within their network. 

About Shoreham
Founded in 1894, Shoreham Telephone is a telecommunications company offering rural wireline telephony. Shoreham delivers a complete set of voice, data and Internet services to its customers. Shoreham is located on the shores of Lake Champlain in Vermont. 

About Positron Access Solutions
Founded in 1970, Positron, a member of the Metro Ethernet Forum, develops and manufactures telecommunications equipment including Aktino carrier-class bonded copper solutions and fiber optic transmission equipment for SONET/SDH and packet-based carrier networks for applications including Mobile Backhaul, Metro Ethernet Networks, Core transport networks, access and edge aggregation, and triple-play backhaul. The Converged Access portfolio includes the pseudowire based AEX-50/100 for the edge of access and metro networks. Positron's global footprint extends from the United States and Canada through Europe, Latin America, Australia, Asia and the South Pacific.

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