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Compact Central Office Unit (CCU)

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The Metro Ethernet compliant Aktino AK500 Compact Central Office Unit (CCU) enables the point-point transport of high-quality, high-bandwidth Carrier Ethernet services over bonded copper pairs. The AK500 CCU works in conjunction with the AK5000 family of products and bonds together 2 to 8 copper pairs capable of delivering up to 60 Mbps of carrier grade bandwidth out to 12 Kft/3.7 Km and beyond. It provides either symmetric or asymmetric bandwidth and the hardened unit is capable of supporting line powering over the same copper pairs that carry data. The AK500 CCU works in conjunction with the AK500 Carrier Ethernet Compact Remote Unit (CRU). Environmentally hardened for any deployment scenario, the compact unit facilitates deployment in remote enterprise locations where space is at a premium.

MEF & Industry Standards Compliant
The AK500 CCU is a standards-based product that provides superior performance and reliability compared to any other multi-pair copper products on the market. Along with meeting copper loop standards such as ANSI T1.417, which enables the AK500 Ethernet services to co-exist with other services in a binder, it is compliant with IEEE 802.3ah EFM, IEEE 802.1/802.3 LAN standards and Metro Ethernet Forum MEF9/MEF14.

The Industry's Only Programmable Asymmetric Bandwidth Feature
As providers realize that backhaul traffic can be asymmetric by as much as 10:1 (downstream:upstream) and as they watch cable MSOs make significant inroads into the SMB market, they are turning to solutions like Aktino’s for help. Aktino is the only bonded copper solution that can provide up to 60 Mbps of carrier class bandwidth either symmetrically or asymmetrically. Also, because Aktino’s Asymmetric Bandwidth feature is programmable, providers can tailor the allocated down and upstream bandwidth to their individual applications ensuring efficient use of precious bandwidth.

New Level of Reliability
The AK500 CCU was designed to dynamically compensate for individual copper pair failures. If a copper pair fails, the AK500 CCU proactively and automatically adjusts the other copper pair margins to compensate for the loss. This feature allows any pair to protect all the pairs in a bonded group. The result is reliability that in many cases meets and exceeds fiber Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Typical Applications
• 5-60 Mbps Scalable Ethernet Data Services
• DSLAM/DLC Backhaul
• Mobile Backhaul

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