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Carrier Ethernet AIR

Product Number:
AK5RS 8-pair Regenerator



Network-wide Carrier Ethernet Service Delivery
Traditionally, Ethernet services were only available to customers with fiber.  However, by using Positron's AIR Series AK5RS regenerator, customers can extend the already impressive rate and reach of the 8 pair AK525 Carrier Ethernet products. Unlike the competing repeater products, the AK5RS regenerator supports both symmetric and asymmetric bandwidths and extends the reach of the AK525 beyond 50 Kft/15.2 Km.      
Resilient Reliable Regenerator
The AK5RS AIR series regenerator utilizes the same MIMO on DMT technology as all other products in the Aktino product portfolio. Similar to all other Aktino products, the AK5RS regenerator was designed to dynamically compensate for individual copper pair failures.  If a copper pair fails, the regenerator automatically adjusts the other pair margins to compensate for the loss. This feature allows any pair to protect all the pairs in a bonded group.

Line Powered
The AK5RS regenerator can be line powered, which enables the regenerator to be deployed in any field cabinet or remote location without requiring a local power source.

Environmentally Hardened Enclosure
The All Inclusive AK5RS regenerator can be deployed in indoor or outside plants. Unlike the competing solutions requiring different enclosures to suit the environment, Positron’s AK5RS regenerato is built on a light weight environmentally hardened enclosure, making it easier for the field professional to install it on a pole or wall mount.

Compliant with Industry Standards
The AK5RS regenerator is a standards-based product that provides superior performance and reliability compared to any other multi-pair bonded copper product on the market. Along with meeting copper loop standards the regenerator was tested to GR487 requirements. The regenerator is compliant with IEEE 802.3ah EFM, IEEE 802.1/802.3 LAN protocol standards and Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF9, MEF14, MEF17).

Typical Applications

  • 5-100 Mbps Carrier Ethernet Services
  • IP Security Video Surveillance
  • IP DSLAM Backhaul
  • Mobile Backhaul
  • Ultra long reach DSLAM/Mobile Backhaul and Carrier Ethernet services

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