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Asymmetric Bandwdith

Understanding the true nature of bandwidth is as important as recognizing what services are driving the explosion in bandwidth demand. In the majority of applications such as Ethernet services, DSLAM/DLC backhaul and mobile backhaul, the nature of the bandwidth is asymmetric - more traffic moving downstream than upstream.

Programmable Asymmetric Bandwidth Feature
As providers realize that backhaul traffic can be asymmetric by as much as 10:1 (downstream: upstream) and as they watch cable MSOs make significant inroads into the SMB market, they are turning to bonded copper solutions. Positron’s Aktino bonded copper solution can provide up to 100 Mbps of carrier class bandwidth either symmetrically or asymmetrically (using 16 pairs). Performance data for eight pair systems are shown below and the Aktino asymmetric bandwidth performance advantage represents 2 times to 10 times bandwidth advantage over other bonded copper solutions like E.SHDSL and T1 IMA.

The Aktino Asymmetric Bandwidth feature is programmable, which means providers can tailor the allocated down and upstream bandwidth to their individual applications as they evolve, ensuring efficient use of bandwidth. The programmable Asymmetric Bandwidth feature allows providers to configure down/upstream ratio as 5:1, 3:1, 2:1 or fully symmetric 1:1.

Flexible Platform Maximizes Potential of Existing Networks

The Aktino flexible platform allows service providers to offer a host of services using existing infrastructure without compromising the quality and quantity of bandwidth delivered. This enables providers to meet the demands of their customers and gain new revenue generating customers while maximizing the effectiveness of their existing network. This translates into more efficient delivery of DSLAM and mobile backhaul bandwidth as well as new Dedicated Internet Access (DIA), which enables providers to compete with cable MSO service offerings (see application diagram below).

Using DMT for Asymmetric Bandwidth
The Aktino solution leverages the capabilities of well established and understood multi-channel communication signal processing technologies. It uses a Discrete Multi-tone (DMT) modulation scheme to transmit over a span of multiple copper pairs and uses MIMO-on-DMT to mitigate the effects of in-binder cross talk on all pairs. The innovative use of DMT across multiple pairs makes it possible for the Aktino solutions to provide either symmetric or asymmetric services.

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