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Enhanced Noise Immunity

Immune to Lightning and Micro Interruptions
Twisted pairs are susceptible to impulse noise and voltage spikes from lightning, electric motors, radio transmitters and more. These noises are typically large and short in duration. If the noise source is large enough, the noise will be seen as a micro-interruption on the transmission lines. For some systems, micro-interruptions result in a re-synchronization or full-retrain of the link. A retrain affects the service and may bring the service down for several seconds or in some cases minutes depending on the particular technology. The Aktino systems can “ride through” micro-interruptions, which is important for applications such as mobile backhaul, and resume data transmission without interrupting the service. The ability to ride through micro-interruptions and maintain service even in the presence of lightning is part of an array of features that provide unprecedented reliability and resiliency to copper plant.

The significant benefits of this functionality were demonstrated in a mobile backhaul trial with a major service provider conducted under the challenges of harsh weather conditions. In the trial, The Aktino Ethernet over Copper solution was able to exceed Fiber Service Level Agreements (SLAs). In evaluating the Aktino solution's performance during lightning storms, the provider reported that it addressed a key weakness of legacy T1 technology by demonstrating a significant decrease in unavailable seconds (UAS). As a result, providers now have a fast and cost-effective solution that not only meets their bandwidth and reach requirements, but also their reliability requirements.

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