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Symmetric VDSL2

Pioneered Adaptation of VDSL2 for Symmetric Services
The Aktino solution supports the qualities of DMT (Discrete Multi-Tone) technology - the basis for VDSL2 - as the best approach for delivering business access services. The adaptation of the technology was pioneered for symmetric services. The service providers’ active leadership in standards bodies has driven MIMO technology into the VDLS2 NIPP-NAI and ITU standard bodies. As a result, the International Telecommunication Union's standards group 15 (ITU-SG15) approved an amended standard for VDSL2 (ITU-G.993.2), which brought the Aktino technology approach to the forefront. The amendment enhances the functionality of VDSL2 by providing added flexibility to serve both business and residential applications on both short and long loops. This enhanced functionality is made possible by enabling newly-defined flexible band plans to be used that allow modems to be configured for either asymmetric or symmetric rate services.
VDSL2 Positioned to Support New Residential and Business Services
VDSL2 is now positioned as the optimal means for converging business and residential access network equipment into unified platforms. In addition to supporting new residential services such as IPTV, VDSL2 can now support next-generation symmetric and asymmetric business access services such as Ethernet over copper, via one or multiple bonded copper pairs.


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