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FlexStream AK5NTE

Remote Network Termination Equipment

Positron Access Diagram AK5NTE

Positron’s FlexStream AK5NTE Remote Network Termination Equipment is an environmentally hardened self-contained AK525RU.

The AK525RU Compact Remote Unit enables the point-to-point transport of high-quality, high bandwidth Carrier Ethernet services over bonded copper pairs. The AK525RU provides 50 Mbps of symmetrical bandwidth capable of delivering carrier-grade services out to 12 Kft/3.7 Km and beyond. The hardened unit can be line powered over the same data pairs without any impact on the performance of the overall system.

Light Weight Environmentally Hardened Enclosure

The AK5NTE self-contained standalone unit eliminates the need for expensive cabinet enclosures, heat exchangers and site construction, which account for a large portion of the total cost of deployment. The AK5NTE can be deployed in indoor or outside plants. Unlike the competing solutions requiring different enclosures to suit the environment, the AK5NTE is built on a light weight weather proof environmentally hardened enclosure, making it easier for the field professional to install on a pole or wall mount. With the line power feed, the AK5NTE can be deployed in any field cabinet or remote location without requiring a local power source.

AK525RU Compact Remote Unit

The AK525RU works in conjunction with the Positron AK525CU and AK500S Carrier Ethernet products. Environmentally hardened for both inside and outside plant deployment scenario, the compact unit facilitates deployment in remote locations where space is at a premium.

Compliant with Industry Standards

The AK525RU is a standards-based multi-pair DMT product that provides superior performance and reliability in comparison to SHDSL multi-pair copper products on the market. Along with meeting copper loop standards such as ANSI T1.417 which enables the AK525RU Ethernet services to co-exist with other services in a binder, it is compliant with IEEE 802.1 and 802.3 LAN standards and Metro Ethernet Forum MEF9/MEF14.