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GAM Aeronet GAM-12-M

SYNOPSYS: AeroNet has been facing challenges in terms of connection rate & reach for their business customers utilizing VDSL2 technology. The loops are noisy and AeroNet is unable to support many modern applications such as Video, POS, Wi-Fi Hotspots, VPN and Cloud Backup. To satisfy these customers and win additional business, AeroNet has utilized the Positron 24 port Access Multiplexor (GAM-24-M) on copper twisted pair facilities to replace older VDSL2 products. Aeronet has implemented the GAM-24-M at a major shopping mall in Puerto Rico to cost effectively increase the bandwidth nearly tenfold and provide the modern services required in today’s business environment.


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Founded in 2001, AeroNet provides fast and reliable data communications in Puerto Rico, Florida and the US VI for small, medium and large businesses. AeroNet’s hybrid Fiber-Microwave network deliver business class Gigabit Internet and other solutions for business connectivity. The breadth of technology solutions offered by AeroNet help businesses face today’s challenges. Be it a hospitality, retail, education, startups, health, banking, restaurant chains or any other business. AeroNet offers powerful, secure and reliable technological solutions that help businesses to solidify their telecom infrastructure:

  • Improving business ef ciency and productivity through a one-stop-shop for customized, end-to-end telecom solutions
  • Assuring business continuity and reliability for uninterrupted operations
  • Providing exible solutions that t any size and type of business

Initial Challenges

For these business applications utilizing VDSL2, the average copper distance was 100-300 meters utilizing CAT-3 Wiring (26 AWG / 0.4mm). Speeds were limited to 15 Mbps Downstream and 5 Mbps Upstream or less. These were also very noisy loops. Typical performance on a good loop should have been near 100 Mbps Downstream and 50 Mbps Upstream with VDSL2, but even that is no longer suf cient for modern business applications in many cases. Also, as mentioned in the synopsis above, AeroNet’s VDSL2 solution was unable to support many applications that demand solid upstream bandwidth.