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Broadband Reach Extender BRX-XLR

The Broadband Reach Extender – Extra Long Reach (BRX-XLR) is a fully integrated solution that extends the reach of deployed ADSL / ADSL2+ (Annex-A) DSLAMs or MSANs to deliver 10 Mbps per pair to subscribers at 17,000 feet (5.2 km) on 24 AWG (0.51 mm) copper pairs. It is being used for a multitude of applications and it is particularly well suited in underserved or unserved markets. An increase in the available bandwidth capacity on existing last mile infrastructure results in higher ARPU, lower attrition and increased customer satisfaction.

The BRX-XLR-AM supports ADSL2+ Annex-M that allows for up to 2x more upstream bandwidth than Annex-A. This is particularly useful to address the demand for more upstream bandwidth for work at home and remote learning. The BRX-XLR-AM solution is compatible with VDSL2 pairs operating in EU-64 mode and with the BRX-VDSL2 ampli er solution. NOTE: The main difference between Annex M and Annex A is that the upstream/downstream frequency split has been shifted from 138 kHz up to 276 kHz, allowing upstream bandwidth to be increased from 1.4 Mbps to 3.3 Mbps, with a corresponding decrease in download bandwidth.

BRX-XLR Features:

  • High performance and cost effective subscriber loop extension
  • Re-use existing right-of-way and eliminate complex civil engineering work
  • Strict adherence to ADSL2+ / ADSL Standards
  • Extended operating temperature
  • Powered from sealing current (max 2mA or 100mW per pair)
  • Flexible packaging options (1, 2, 8, 24 and 48 pairs)

BRX-XLR diagram

BRX-XLR Delivers:

  • Unique version, independent of total loop length
  • Placement flexibility can be placed 45% - 75% away from DSLAM
  • No minimal loop length requirement toward subscriber
  • Maximizes the gain and the SNR toward the user CPE
  • Very low cost per subscriber

BRX-XLR significantly extends the Customer Serving Area (CSA) providing a superior Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) to subscribers and delivering more bandwidth (Downstream and Upstream)

BRX-XLR Bandwidth Improvement

BRX-XLR Bandwidth Improvement

The bandwidth improvement ratio increases progressively on longer loops. For example at 16 kft the BRX-XLR will improve the bandwidth by 2 times, and at 25 kft the BRX-XLR will improve the bandwidth by more than 4 times.

Expanding the CSA By 100%

Expanding the CSA By 100%

The BRX-XLR facilitates the use of a multi-pair enclosure or cabinet to provide target bandwidth at various distances in a large serving area. There are no minimum distance limitations on the L2 segment and full coverage is provided in the existing and extended serving area.

BRX-XLR Solutions

The BRX-XLR solution is designed to fit seamlessly into splicing cabinets already in use in the copper outside plant (OSP). It is also available in a weather resistant enclosure (IP65) that can be easily mounted on a pole, strand-mount (1, 2 and 8 pair enclosure) or on the outside of an existing cabinet. The product is offered in various form factors including a self-contained 1-pair and 2-pair enclosures and flexible 8, 24 or 48 pair enclosures for higher-density areas.

Standalone BRX-XLR Units in flexible 1 or 2 pair units


The BRX-XLR-1 is a single pair unit ideal to serve isolated users. The BRX-XLR-2 is a 2-pair unit that can serve two different customers or a single customer when bonding 2 pairs together for higher bandwidth.

The BRX-XLR-1 and BRX-XLR-2 share the same enclosure and come with embedded gas tube protection for lightning protection. The enclosure is designed for easy installation on a pole, inside or on the outside of a pedestal or on a wall. An optional strand mounting bracket is also available.



The BRX-XLR-24 holds 12 BRX-XLR 2-pair modules (with primary lightning protection) for a total of 24 ports / copper pairs. The BRX-XLR-24 comes with a pair of standard 25-pin Amphenol connectors (24 pairs) from the CO/DSLAM and 24 pairs toward the subscriber CPE devices. It includes an optimal pole-mount bracket.

BRX-XLR-24-1S and BRX-XLR-48-1S


The BRX-XLR-24-1S incorporates a BRX-XLR-24-S factory installed in an Emerson CAD-12 pedestal to serve up to 24 ADSL / ADSL2+ subscribers in a customer service area (CSA) with enough room to handle a 100-pair binder from the Central Office (CO or Exchange) and a 100-pair binder toward the subscriber CPE devices.

The BRX-XLR-48-1S incorporates two BRX-XLR-CAB-24-S factory installed in an Emerson CAD-12 pedestal to serve up to 48 ADSL / ADSL2+ subscribers in a customer service area (CSA) with enough room to handle a 100-pair binder from the Central Office (CO or Exchange) and a 100-pair binder toward the subscribers.

BRX-XLR Bandwidth Calculator

BRX-XLR Calculator

The BRX-XLR calculator is a tool, which enables to calculate:

  • The achievable bandwidth based on the location of the BRX-XLR (from the DSLAM) and the distance to the subscriber CPE.
  • The optimal bandwidth for a specific total loop length and gauge of wire and recommend the location where the BRX-XLR should be installed (usually a range of distances from the DSLAM) to achieve the target bandwidth.
  • The best placement of a BRX-XLR cabinet to achieve a target bandwidth to multiple subscribers over a total loop length. This is useful to determine the Customer Serving Area (CSA) for a given access speed tier.
The BRX-XLR calculator in available in through our Portal (registration is required to access the Portal).

Positron Access BRX-XLR-2


Positron Access BRX-XLR-8


Positron Access BRX-XLR-24