Solutions Broadband Reach Extender BRX-XLR

Increases the Bandwidth Delivered in the ‘Last Mile’ of the Copper Pair Between a DSLAM and the Subscriber over 200% and Automatically Adjusts for all ADSL/ADSL2+ Line Conditions

Internet subscribers are hungry for higher speed and expect their Internet Service Provider to deliver ever increasing bandwidth for applications such as Triple-Play (video, voice and data) and Over-The-Top (OTT) video streaming services from content providers like Netflix and others.

While subscribers in many urban areas have access to 50-100 Mbps services or higher this is not the case in suburban and rural markets where subscribers cannot get higher speeds and are unable to access more advanced services and applications.

Regulators are setting new targets for broadband access. For instance, in the USA, the FCC now defines broadband as 25 Mbps in the downstream direction and 3 Mbps in the upstream direction. Suburban and rural subscribers are often served over copper loops of 9,000 to 15,000 feet (3 to 5 km), which is beyond the reach of the DSLAM or MSAN to adequately serve these subscribers. Delivering higher speed Internet services to these customers allows Broadband Service Providers to improve the Average Revenue per User (ARPU) and address customer discontent and loss.

About the BRX-XLR

The Broadband Reach Extender – eXtra Long Reach (BRX-XLR) is a fully integrated solution that extends the reach of deployed ADSL2+/ ADSL DSLAMs or MSANs to deliver at least 10 Mbps per pair to subscribers at 17,000 feet (5.2 km) on 24 AWG copper pairs in underserved or unserved markets. An increase in the available bandwidth capacity on existing last mile infrastructure results in higher ARPU, lowered attrition and increased customer satisfaction.

The BRX-XLR offers “new life” for installed DSLAMs and the ‘last mile’ of copper with an optimal way to deliver higher speed services. Broadband Service operators can instantly provide higher bandwidth to subscribers without the heavy expenditures of bringing Fiber to the Home (FTTH).

BRX-XLR diagram

100% Transparent Support for Pair Bonding

The BRX-XLR has been proven in the field as fully transparent to pair-bonding applications. From simpler data-only applications where two (2) pairs are bonded to deliver 10 Mbps beyond 23,000 feet/ 7 km to more demanding applications such as delivering over 25 Mbps at 14,000 feet (4.2 km) to deliver an IPTV service with 3 HD channels and bandwidth to spare for email and social networking.

More than Signal Amplification

In addition to delivering a significant increase in performance, field testing has shown that the BRX-XLR will help mitigate some of the common problems impacting the performance of ADSL and ADSL2+ in the Outside Plant (OSP). As it amplifies the xDSL signal, the BRX-XLR significantly improves the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) to the subscriber modem. Thanks to this improved SNR, the BRX-XLR helps mitigate the impact of bridge taps, especially those resulting from inadequate in-house wiring.