Solutions DSLAM Backhaul

The insatiable demand for bandwidth and competition from Cable MSOs continues to put pressure on broadband service prices. Therefore, Telco providers are struggling to hold on to customers and protect profits. Many look to fiber as the answer, but most are struggling with the cost because of tightening CapEx budgets and the long payback required for fiber. Nearly 50 percent of remote DSLAMs/DLCs in the US are still fed by T1s/E1s on copper, which in most cases limits total backhaul bandwidth to 6-12 Mbps.


Many providers are turning to Positron for their powerful bonded copper solutions. Using existing copper pairs, innovative features like Asymmetric Bandwidth, superior DSL spectral compatibility and compatibility with a wide array of DSLAMs/DLCs, Positron's solutions provide up to 100 Mbps of Carrier Ethernet backhaul bandwidth or a DS3 (45 Mbps) over existing copper pairs out to carrier serving area distances (12 Kft/3.7 Km). With minimal CapEx, providers can:

  • Uncap DSLAMs/DLCs in days
  • Deliver premium 5 and 10+ Mbps services
  • Increase the number of customers served with existing equipment
  • Retain customers and increase profits
  • Preserve CapEx

Minimum CapEx, Maximum ROI

The Aktino solution lets providers leverage existing copper and DSLAMs/DLCs and uncap them within days versus months compared to fiber. It's expected to result in the following:

  • Deliver premium 5 and 10+ Mbps services
  • Double (min.) DSL capacity per DSLAM/DLC
  • Double subscribers served
  • More than double total revenue by selling premium services
  • 2-3 year payback vs. 5-10 yrs for fiber

10 Times More Bandwidth than HDSL Technologies

By providing up to 100 Mbps of Carrier Ethernet Bandwidth, the Aktino Carrier Ethernet solutions increase backhaul bandwidth by up to 10 times more than other copper solutions at CSA distances:

  • 10 times more bandwidth than T1 IMA (8 Mbps/pair vs. 0.768 Mbps/pair)
  • 7 times more bandwidth than E.SHDSL (8 Mbps/pair vs. 1.15 Mbps/pair)

Signature Programmable Asymmetric Bandwidth

The Aktino product line is a leading bonded copper solution that features Asymmetric Backhaul Bandwidth. Since the nature of broadband use is asymmetric, Positron's Asymmetric Bandwidth allows providers to match the true nature of their backhaul traffic and therefore use resources as efficiently as they can. Additionally it is programmable, enabling it to be tailored to individual applications.

Unparalleled Spectral Compatibility

Solutions like E.SHDSL can impact DSL bandwidth by 50 percent or more. In contrast, because the Aktino solutions leverage Discrete Multi-tone (DMT) protocol just as ADSL, the impact on ADSL is minimal.