Positron GAM-4-MRX,

Rugged / Extended Temperature GAM with Reverse Power Feeding

“Fiber to the Home” is far from the only and most efficient technology to deliver Gigabit Internet access to subscribers. Retrofitting an existing (brownfield) Multi-Dwelling Unit (MDU) with fiber is complex, highly disruptive and expensive. With the G.hn Aggregation Multiplexer (GAM), Positron Access addresses the key challenge of delivering Gigabit Internet access to subscribers in MDUs as well as dense Single Family Unit (SFU) homes by leveraging the existing telephone or coaxial infrastructure to deliver near symmetrical Gigabit services at a fraction of the cost of alternatives.

About the Rugged Outdoor Positron GAM Devices

The Positron G.hn Access Multiplexer (GAM) family now includes rugged versions for deployment in harsh environments (outdoor) where there is no local power source. These GAM devices obtain their power from the G1001-MR over the copper wiring or G1001-CR over the COAX cabling. The outdoor GAM devices offer the same feature and management capabilities as their indoor counterpart. They optimize coverage of Gigabit Internet services in an MDU and operate over twisted-pair cabling in Point-to-Point mode while operation over a coax infrastructure is in Point-to-Multipoint mode where each COAX port can serve up to sixteen (16) G1001-CR devices.


The GAM-4-MRX and GAM-8-MRX respectively have four (4) and eight (8) MIMO ports and support Reverse Power Feed (RPF) from G1001-MR devices, one per G.hn port. The GAM-4-CR has four (4) COAX ports and supports RPF mode from G1001-CR devices, one or more (in Point-to-Multipoint mode) per G.hn port.

The G1001-MR and G1001-CR (G.hn to Ethernet Managed Demarcation Point devices) power the Positron rugged IP67 (outdoor and Extended Temperature) GAM family with support for the ETSI RPF standard. Support for RPF facilitates the installation of the GAM outside of the MDU and in areas where it is not simple or cost effective to install a local power source. Each G.hn port of an outdoor GAM is powered from a G1001-MR (copper) or G1001-C (coax).

Deploying the GAM in an MDU / MTU

The GAM devices optimize coverage in an MDU / MTU over the existing wiring infrastructure. Since these GAM devices are Reverse Power Fed by the G1001-MR or G1001-CR End-Point devices, they are deployable anywhere, even outdoors where they can withstand harsh environmental conditions. The GAM devices are enclosed in a rugged IP67 enclosure and support operating temperature of -40˚C to +65˚C. While operation over twisted-pair wiring is always Point-to-Point, operation over a coaxial cabling infrastructure can be Point-to-Multipoint using standard coax splitters. In this mode, a 4-port GAM can serve up to 64 G.hn subscribers with up to 16 subscribers per port.

G-1001 chart