Customer Story

Gam Teko GAM-12-C

SYNOPSYS: Teko Tecomunica ( was approached in late 2019 by a hotel in Nicaragua which was looking for a high quality IPTV service along with High Speed Internet service to each of the guest rooms. They were under pressure to deliver a robust solution with very high quality IPTV very quickly and under a tight budget. Using the Positron solution, they met the challenge by installing a 12-port Access Multiplexer over COAX (GAM-12-C) over the existing coaxial infrastructure.


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Teko Comunica is based in Managua (Nicaragua) and is a wholly owned subsidiary of ICE Costa Rica. They are dedicated to providing telecommunications services in an integral way, with optimum quality standards, state-of-the-art equipment, and responsive technical support with a national presence. Teko provide their customers with the solution to create and manage their value-added services through high-speed Internet, transport services and data security.

Initial Challenges

The Auto Hotel is a small property offering a unique guest experience with 23 thematic guest rooms and 5 VIP rooms. They urgently required the installation of a state-of-the-art IPTV service for each of these rooms. They also required High Speed Internet access of 15 Mbps to each room.

Since there was an existing coaxial infrastructure, the initial approach taken by Teko was to install an hybrid ber and coaxial solution with a 3rd party CMTS and DOCSIS. Besides the very high cost of this approach, the main issue is that Teko quickly encountered serious quality concerns with the image quality and the resulting poor Quality of Experience to the guests.

Since the average wiring distance to the guest rooms exceeded 100 meters, installing a Gigabit Ethernet Switch was out of the question. Teko was also looking for a solution that would easily and seamlessly interface with the GPON service they already had in place to serve the hotel.