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Positron Access offers varied training solutions to meet your needs through webinars as well as training programs.

Webinars are ideal for sharing information across multiple offices in different cities using a web browser. Positron webinars can be tailored to accommodate a customer’s specific training needs and are presented by a Positron representative who is an expert in the field. Multiple webinar sessions are available, depending on the size of the audience.

Held at the Positron premises in Montreal and led by experienced instructors, Positron's training programs provide an overview on our bonded copper solutions and fibre access products. We provide hands-on experience where the students can apply the product theory learned. On-site training programs are also available (upon request) and are customized to address the students' particular requirements.

Training programs are supported by multimedia learning material, visual presentation, printed student guides and GUI management software.

For additional information, please contact:
Toll free: 1-888-577-5254 (US & Canada)
Tel: +1 514-345-2220
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