OSIRIS sonet

OSIRIS Multi-service Platform

Industry’s only Asymmetric Bandwidth Feature

The Positron OSIRIS multi-service platform (MSP) is an integrated access solution for the rapidly expanding synchronous optical network (SONET) broadband markets. It delivers the most cost-effective, compact and simple-to-deploy solution for multi-service traffic, such as data, voice and video.

The OSIRIS solutions are designed to address different types of applications in various conditions. To address these needs, each OSIRIS configuration is designed from a choice of shelves, optical modules as well as electrical, optical and data interfaces.

The OSIRIS MSP enables you to design your own system while optimizing your use of physical space. We offer a variable footprint, with five shelf models to choose from. As well, all of the OSIRIS components are easy to install and operate, offering simple element and network management systems.


  • Multiple services on a single platform
  • Non-traffic disturbing in-service upgrades
  • Simple network and equipment management with VUE
  • Capacity to increase bandwidth and add new services
  • Interoperability with other vendors' platforms
  • Advanced IP services


  • Capability to handle SONET, Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM), Ethernet, Fast Ethernet and IP traffic
  • Bandwidth scalability from OC-3 to OC-12 to OC-48
  • Integrated operations, administration, maintenance and provisioning (OAM&P)
  • Wide variety of electrical, optical and data interfaces
  • Open systems interconnection (OSI) compliance
  • Variable footprint - five shelf models
  • Front and side access for equipment connections