New York, April 27th 2022

NY & NJ Broadband Equity Forum

Positron Access Solutions in conjunction with the Quebec Government Office in New York organized the NY & NJ Broadband Equity Forum at the Rockefeller Center rooftop terrace. This was a unique opportunity for community leaders, property owners and ISPs to gain industry insights and discuss the impact of Government Funding and of the New FCC Ruling on Real Estate. The event provided a better understanding of how to bridge the gap in NJ, NY State and NYC funding between ISPs and property owners to help address the digital divide in multi-family units and MDUs. The turnout and conversation between the expert panel and savvy audience was enlightening and electic.

Quebec Gouv Office NY Logo

Broadband marketplace events like this bring industry leaders and stakeholders together to discuss the issues, trends and concerns on how to best serve communities with new affordable technology to accelerate the delivery of services and best use of the billions of dollars in state and federal infrastructure funding to bridge the Digital Divide.

Our panelists included: Ms. Jolie Milstein, the President & CEO – NY State Association For Affordable Housing (NYSAFAH), Mr. Dave Seliger, Senior Advisor for the NYC Department of Housing Preservation & Development (NYC HPD), Mr. Anthony Avent, Technical Operations Officer for the City of Newark, Division of Newark Fiber, Mr. Andrew Kusminsky, CEO – Gigstreem, Mr. Prashanth Vijay, CEO of Flume Internet and Mr. Reg Weiser, Founder & CEO of Positron Access Solutions.