Gigabit Internet Solutions for Property Management

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Gigabit Internet Solutions for Property Management

A good property management company will always be responsive to the needs of their tenants and pay close attention to how technological improvements can upgrade their services, lower their cost, or both.

With Positron’s GAM Solution, property management companies can capture the lucrative Multi-Dwelling Unit (MDU) market with a comprehensive Gigabit broadband toolkit of coax, copper, fber, fixed wireless and mesh Wi-Fi solutions. Taken together, they can speed services delivery at lower costs and with minimal tenant disruption.

Who is the GAM Perfect for?

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Commercial MTUs

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Townhouse and Garden Homes

By outfitting their buildings with faster internet speeds at a low cost and with minimal disruption, property managers can use Positron’s GAM Solutions to offer tremendous value to their tenants, raising both satisfaction and retention rates, lowering overhead expenditures, and even increasing property values, as studies show access to high speed internet adds an average of 8% to rent and 3% to property values.

Commercial Multi-Tenant Units

Positron’s GAM Solution is an attractive option for property management companies that manage Commercial MTUs. Not only is it a way for property managers to supply their clients and tenants with top-tier Gigabit internet service, but delivery can also be accomplished using pre-existing wiring, eliminating a significant portion of the cost. Property management companies also benefit by offering a service footprint that covers all tenants, as opposed to facilitating the connection of individual customers on a store-by-store basis.

Multi-Dwelling Units

Using Positron’s GAM Solution, property management companies can offer lightning-quick, dependable Gigabit internet speeds to their tenants in MDUs. By leveraging the existing telephone and coaxial wiring already in place, property management companies can improve their service levels without the need for any building retrofit, which can be expensive and disruptive. In this way, property management companies can expand the values they deliver with an impressive ROI and minimal capital outlay.

Townhouse and Garden Homes

Much like with MDUs, Positron’s Outdoor GAM Solution is the perfect solution to enable property management companies to connect apartment and condominium dwellings all over the country with the Gigabit internet they deserve. The Outdoor GAM is ruggedized in an IP67 enclosure and can be reversed powered by the tenant CPE while leveraging the existing wiring infrastructure to save time and money. Providing stable, high-speed access lowers the number of trouble calls can save property management companies time and money by improving service, reducing tenant dissatisfaction, and significantly improving their ability to source new tenants.

Watch our video to see what the GAM does for you

What the GAM does for you?

  • Easily Deployable. Installs and activates in hours with no in-unit installation

  • No need for costly renovation by leveraging your existing wiring

  • Proven to increase rent revenue up to 8% and 3% for property value

  • Provides more stable internet connection, superior bandwidth, and greater customer satisfaction

Find the Right Gigabit Solution

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GAM for Copper Indoor

GAM Copper Outdoor

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GAM for Copper

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