Positron’s GAM Solutions are Accelerating Digital Equity Nationwide

High speed broadband access is now more than ever a fundamental need for remote learning and tele-working, video streaming, entertainment and video conferencing, especially with multiple users in the same household. The digital equity gap is further compounded by unacceptable upload and download speeds, as broadband speeds are now needed to thrive in remote work and remote learning situations.

The digital divide between households that ‘have’ and ‘don’t have’ adequate bandwidth creates an ‘education divide’, an ‘economic divide’ and an ‘equal opportunity divide’. It is prevalent not only in rural areas but also in densely populated metropolitan areas in older residential buildings and Multi-Dwelling Units (MDUs). More than 88% of existing residential buildings cannot easily be wired with fiber to the door, and the existing technology cannot deliver very high-speed broadband over the existing building wiring.

What is Internet Access Equity?

A high-speed internet connection is no longer a luxury. According to the National Digital Inclusion Alliance (NDIA), digital equity is necessary for full civic and cultural participation and is just as important as running water and electricity.

A robust broadband internet service is required for people to fully take part in our economy, in our education system, and to gain access to essential services. Unfortunately, today’s digital divide means that there is a growing gap between those with access to both high-speed internet and digital literacy training, and those without. It is an essential need to help people develop the digital skills that will enable them to fully participate and thrive in society.

How Positron Helps Bridge the Digital Divide

Positron’s Work with Communities, Municipalities, Counties and States

Positron is working with many community-funded initiatives in the U.S. It enables them to proliferate low-cost broadband services to subsidized housing and low-income neighborhoods.

  • Positron dedicates a percentage of its time to assist government broadband managers to achieve digital equity for low income households.
  • Positron enables them to “do more with less”. They can provide these services to four (4) times as many people than if the investment was exclusively for a fiber to the door approach.
  • Positron enables them to provide these services in hours with no construction disruption and at a fraction of the cost.

Ways that Positron Helps Broadband Managers

  • We work directly with the community administrators
  • We work with your preferred service provider
  • We provide turnkey solutions for non-profit organizations to help low income families
  • We have many relationships that can assist in the planning and deployment of advanced broadband equipment for reliable internet services

Positron’s G.hn Access Multiplexer (GAM) Solution: Fast & Cost-Effective Gigabit Broadband Deployments

As a leading technology provider to the telecom industry for over 50 years, Positron is dedicating time to help communities and internet service providers (ISPs) to help implement very high-speed bandwidth with its G.hn GAM technology at 25% of the cost of extending fiber to every door.

The GAM enables symmetrical Gigabit services to each subscriber over the existing in-building telephone pairs or coaxial cable. GAM solutions are fully featured carrier-grade products for both indoor and outdoor deployments.

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    Extending Gigabit Fiber services to Every Door without installing fiber to the door

    Positron’s G.hn Access Multiplexer (GAM) can extend your fiber services to every door of an MDU/MTU over the existing telephone pairs or coaxial cable to deliver Gigabit broadband. The Positron GAM delivers symmetrical Gigabit broadband without the need to install fiber to every door.

    Positron Access Receives Highly Commended Honor for 2021 Global Telecoms Awards

    The Positron G.hn Access Multiplexer (GAM) redefines how fiber broadband services are extended over the in-building telephone or coax wiring to deliver Gigabit experience to every door.

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