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Expedite Your Broadband
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    GAM Solution Brief

    Overview of a Technology that Delivers Gigabit Internet Services: An Alternative Solution to Fiber.
    Positron’s G.hn technology provides managed non-blocking symmetrical Gigabit bandwidth services to subscribers over existing telephone wire or coaxial cable on extended distances, at a lower cost and with reduced complexity compared with G.fast.

    BRX Solution Brief

    Internet subscribers are hungry for higher speeds and are expecting their service provider to deliver.
    Increasing bandwidth for applications such as Triple-Play (video, voice and data) and Over-The-Top (OTT) video streaming services from content providers like Netflix and others only continues to grow in demand. Our BRX solution is the answer.

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    Novus Shakes Up Canada’s MDU Broadband Market with Multi-Technology Approach

    Novus leverages Positron’s GAM to deliver high speed over older wiring. Novus is providing gigabit-speed services over Positron’s platform, and they have multiple buildings and 100 units in the field today using that technology.

    The Broadband 50 to Watch: Influential, Innovative and Disruptive Leaders Connecting the World

    Pierre Trudeau, President & CTO of Positron Access, has been selected on the 2021 list of “Top 50 Broadband Influencers, Innovators and Disrupters who are Connecting the World."

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