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Gigabit Internet Solutions for Municipalities and Co-ops

Today’s consumers demand Gigabit internet for their day-to-day lives. That demand rises consistently, and is a trend that will likely continue for many years to come. With more people working from home and students attending lectures online, not to mention the wide range of electronic home entertainment options available today, Gigabit internet speeds are a must-have.

The Positron GAM leverages existing coaxial and copper wiring to supply gigabit broadband delivery at a lower cost and minimal disruption. This means that municipalities and co-ops can finally have the high-speed internet they deserve, all without the complications of expensive infrastructure retrofits.

Who is the GAM Perfect for?

Positron Icons MDUs


Positron Icons MTUS

Commercial MTUs


Townhouse and Garden Homes

With Positron’s GAM Solution, municipalities and co-ops can offer a comprehensive Gigabit broadband toolkit at low cost and with minimal disruption. By connecting their buildings with faster internet speeds, municipalities and co-ops can not only offer tremendous value to their residents, but because access to high speed internet correlates with both higher property values and rental prices, they can also do themselves a great favor by contributing to an increase in all the properties in the area.

Multi-Dwelling Units

Using Positron’s GAM Solution, municipalities and co-ops can offer lightning-quick, dependable Gigabit internet speeds to all their residents located in MDUs. By leveraging the existing telephone and coaxial wiring already in place, municipalities and co-ops can improve the service levels their residents enjoy without the need for any expensive building retrofits, which can be expensive and disruptive.

Commercial Multi-Tenant Units

Positron’s GAM Solution is a great way for municipalities and co-ops to support Commercial MTUs located in their neighborhoods. Not only can they supply all MTU businesses with top-tier Gigabit internet service, but they can deliver using all the pre-existing wiring, greatly reducing the cost to upgrade to an all-fiber solution.

Townhouse and Garden Homes

Positron’s GAM Solution is a fantastic tool that enables municipalities and co-ops to improve internet speed and stability to communities all over the area they cover, and is particularly useful for townhouse and garden homes that lie outside densely populated urban areas. Leveraging the existing wiring infrastructure can save municipalities and co-ops a lot of time and money while also improving service, reducing dissatisfaction, and raising property values.

Watch our video to see what the GAM does for you

What the GAM does for you?

  • Re-use the Existing Residential Gateway (RG).

  • Extensive Management & Troubleshooting Features and Capabilities

  • No Renovation Necessary

  • All you need is Gigabit Access to MDU / MTU over Fiber or Fixed Wireless Access

Find the Right Gigabit Solution

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