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The Wi-Fi Problem Hotels Face

The average occupied guest room has 2.3 Wi-Fi internet devices. Guests expect the same connectivity as they have at home, including quality Zoom calling. This requires reliable Wi-Fi throughout each room and the property and symmetrical bandwidth. Corridor Wi-Fi and DOCSIS solutions cannot provide this. This is reflected in guest surveys.

Achieving Quality Wi-Fi and increased Guest Loyalty

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A direct wired ethernet connection is needed in the guest room to achieve the desired Wi-Fi quality. Many hotel Brands specify this in their minimum standards, which is becoming compulsory, especially in luxury hotels.

High performance reliable connectivity has become an indispensable need in the hospitality industry, Hotel guests expect fast and reliable wireless connections to communicate, stream content and conduct business.

Rewiring Solutions Result in Lost Revenues, Disruptions and High Costs

Rewiring the hotel with structured wiring to each guest room is costly and involves construction disruption, refinishing and hopefully not running into asbestos or other complexities. Guest rooms are made unavailable for guests for a number of days during the rewiring period. The revenue lost due to many rooms not being available for the duration of the work adds significantly to the owner’s cost. Many owners are reluctant to take this approach.

The Positron Solution: No rewiring, No Lost Room Revenues, No Disruptions, Lowest cost

The Positron GAM’s leading technology eliminates the headaches for the owner. There is no need for rewiring, construction disruption or guest room downtime. The property remains intact and undisturbed. Positron’s GAM uses the existing coax used for TV services to deliver high-speed ethernet for Wi-Fi in each room and other guest services without disruption. The maximum time a room would be unavailable during installation is 20 minutes at the time the hotel chooses. The installed cost per room is a fraction of the cost to rewire and is less than the cost of even one lost day of room revenue (which is not lost when using Positron’s solution).

Positron’s GAM is a game changing solution. It leverages the existing coax infrastructure and delivers high speed internet (for Wi-Fi), TV and other guest services to the back of the TV with a single connection. There is no disruption to the hotel or guest rooms during the installation. An entire hotel can be upgraded in days.

Other Benefits / Smart Rooms / Smart Building

At no additional cost, the Positron solution allows seamless, transparent migration to IPTV when the hotel chooses, enables the delivery of symmetrical gigabit services by turning the existing coax infrastructure into a converged gigabit ethernet network. This is the backbone used for managed Wi-Fi and smart room and intelligent building applications including access control, video monitoring, HVAC control and alarms. It’s all there when the hotel chooses to use it.

  • Support and Services

    • Positron’s GAM is installed and supported by major MSPs approved by the hotels. Positron professional services supplements this with site surveys, installation and turnup services when needed. Positron’s Virtuoso cloud-based system is available to turn up and monitor all services and GAMs and pre-emptively report any service issues.
  • Technology Partnerships

    • Positron has close partnerships with major Wi-Fi vendors, including HPE/Aruba, Cambium Networks, Cisco Meraki and Ruckus,
  • Hotel Certifications

    • Certified by Marriott GPNS for HSIA, IHG Studio, IHG Connect, Hyatt and other major brands and independents.
  • Services Compatibility

    • Hotel guests can enjoy high speed internet (up to symmetrical Gigabit), reliable high speed Wi-Fi, free-to-guest TV, legacy pay -per-view, IPTV, streaming HD, and other hotel services.
  • Free consultations / Cost estimates / Free Trials

    • We offer free consultations, cost estimates and free trials.

Providing Exceptional Wi-Fi & Networking Solutions for Hospitality Businesses

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In today’s digital landscape, high-speed internet is a non-negotiable for businesses, and hotels must rise to the occasion. Our cost-effective gigabit internet solutions empower hotels to exceed guest expectations by delivering fast and reliable free Wi-Fi with seamless wireless network coverage.

Equip your conference centers and meeting rooms with the connectivity modern guests demand, enabling flawless video conferencing and high-bandwidth applications on personal devices. Elevate the guest experience with Positron’s GAM products and position your hotel as the go-to choice for tech-savvy business travelers.

Watch this video to see how the GAM eliminates wiring in residential buildings (MDUs). The Coax version is used in hotels

Find the Right Gigabit Solution

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