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Leverage your Existing Coax Infrastructure for Gigabit Guest Room Internet Connection at a Fraction of the Cost of Rewiring

High performance connectivity has become an indispensable aspect of the hospitality industry. Hotel guests expect fast and reliable wireless connections to communicate, stream content, and conduct business. To meet these evolving demands, Positron Access Solutions offers cutting-edge broadband solutions specifically tailored for hotels and other stakeholders in the hospitality sector.

Positron’s flagship product, the Access Multiplexer (GAM), is a game-changer for the hotel industry. It enables hotels to provide gigabit bandwidth over their existing coaxial cables (or telephone pairs), eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming wiring infrastructure retrofits. With Positron’s GAM, hotel Wi-Fi services can be effortlessly upgraded, delivering lightning-fast, low-latency guest Wi-Fi connectivity directly to each hotel room.

GAM Technology for the Hotel Industry

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Positron’s GAM technology delivers gigabit bandwidth over the existing coaxial infrastructure directly to the back of the TV in each guest room. A single connection at this optimal location is convenient and makes it possible to provide extremely fast wireless Internet and other guest services without the need for costly and time-consuming wiring retrofits. For hotel owners, the GAM delivers fast and reliable Wi-Fi network performance at a fraction of the time and cost of a fiber retrofit with no disruption to the hotel or guest rooms during the installation.

Hospitality guests can enjoy Gigabit HSIA, Gigabit Wi-Fi, free-to-guest TV and legacy Pay-per-View, IPTV, streaming HD content, online gaming, e-Concierge and other bandwidth-intensive services instantly. The GAM allows a seamless transition to IPTV without disruption.

Positron’s GAMs work with either coaxial or copper cabling, making them ideal gigabit solutions for hotels that want to upgrade their internet service without having to replace their existing in-room entertainment and internet infrastructure.

Benefits of GAM Technology

  • Easily Deployed

    • Hospitality guests can enjoy Gigabit internet, Gigabit wi fi, free-to-guest TV and legacy Pay-per-View, IPTV, streaming HD content, online gaming, e-Concierge and other bandwidth-intensive services instantly. The GAM allows a seamless transition to IPTV without disruption.
  • Eliminates the Need for a Costly Fiber Retrofit

    • Unlock gigabit speeds without the fiber retrofit expenses. By utilizing your current coax infrastructure (or copper wiring), our solution delivers lightning-fast connectivity at 15-20% of the cost of rewiring. Enjoy the advantages of a converged, high-speed backbone without the financial burden, ensuring a superior guest experience.
  • Gigabit Internet Services

    • Elevate your guest satisfaction scores with stable gigabit internet bandwidth. Positron’s GAM delivers guests reliable, lightning-fast speeds for their online activities. From streaming HD content to conducting business, deliver the internet experience your guests deserve.

Providing Exceptional Wi-Fi & Networking Solutions for Hospitality Businesses

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In today’s digital landscape, high-speed internet is a non-negotiable for businesses, and hotels must rise to the occasion. Our cost-effective gigabit internet solutions empower hotels to exceed guest expectations by delivering fast and reliable free Wi-Fi with seamless wireless network coverage.

Equip your conference centers and meeting rooms with the connectivity modern guests demand, enabling flawless video conferencing and high-bandwidth applications on personal devices. Elevate the guest experience with Positron’s GAM products and position your hotel as the go-to choice for tech-savvy business travelers.

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    Gigabit Solutions at a Fraction of The Cost

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