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Innovative & Affordable Solutions Gigabit Internet Service

Positron’s Access Multiplexer (GAM) is a game-changer for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) seeking cost-effective options without compromising on quality and speed. With our innovative technology, ISPs can leverage existing coaxial and copper cable infrastructure for expanding broadband access, eliminating the need for expensive rewiring. This significantly reduces deployment costs while expanding customer coverage. By maximizing resources and optimizing existing infrastructure, ISPs can provide broadband service at a fraction of the cost, ensuring an excellent return on investment.

With Positron’s cost-effective GAM solutions, ISPs no longer need to rely on building owners to undergo expensive and disruptive cabling retrofits before they can expand Gigabit broadband internet access to previously inaccessible customers.

Positron’s GAM solution also installs and activates in just hours and with “zero touch provisioning”, meaning that internet provider employees will no longer need to enter a customer’s unit in order to connect them.

Who is the GAM Perfect for?

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Commercial MTUs


Townhouse and Garden Homes

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Positron’s GAM solution is designed to meet the unique needs of large MDUs, Townhouses, Garden Homes, the Hospitality industry, as well as Education, Military, and Business Campuses. With this solution, telecom providers can deliver blazing-fast internet speeds of 1 Gbps over a distance of up to 500 feet of existing telephone wiring or up to 2,600 feet using coaxial cable.

The GAM solution incorporates hardware-assisted synchronization for improved Vectoring efficiency and optimizes bandwidth allocation for each subscriber based on real-time upstream and downstream demand. While operating over twisted-pair wiring is always point-to-point (one customer per port), each port of the coax GAMs can operate in a point-to-multipoint mode by using standard coax splitter at a ration of up to 1:16 per port. This flexibility makes it possible to expand broadband delivery in a scalable and efficient manner, maximizing the potential of the existing coaxial cable infrastructure.

By utilizing Positron’s GAM Solution, telecom providers can leverage their current infrastructure to offer ultra-fast internet speeds, eliminating the need for extensive rewiring or costly upgrades. Whether it’s delivering gigabit connectivity to large residential complexes or enhancing the guest experience in hospitality settings, Positron’s GAM Solution provides a reliable, high-performance solution that meets the demands of modern connectivity.

Multi-Dwelling Units

Benefiting from Positron’s GAM Solution, ISPs can finally offer fast and dependable Gigabit internet speeds to customers in MDUs that were previously not viable. By leveraging the existing telephone and coaxial wiring infrastructure, ISPs can connect their broadband services without requiring the usual costly retrofit. This makes it possible for ISPs to expand their market reach and deliver an impressive ROI with minimal capital outlay.

Commercial Multi-Tenant Units

Positron’s GAM Solutions for internet service providers offer an attractive option to ISPs interested in broadening their customer base to include Commercial MTUs. Not only is it an economical way for ISPs to reach a new group of customers and sell enhanced services, but service delivery can also be accomplished using pre-existing wiring, which eliminates what used to be a barrier to entry into these markets. ISPs can also expand their footprint one building at a time, rather than on an individual customer basis, further reducing expenses for broadband expansion projects.

Townhouse and Garden Homes

Much like with MDUs, Positron’s Outdoor GAM Solution is the perfect solution to enable ISPs to connect apartment and condominium dwellings all over the country with the Gigabit internet they deserve. The Outdoor GAM is ruggedized in an IP67 enclosure and can be reversed powered by the tenant CPE while leveraging the existing wiring infrastructure to save time and money. Providing stable, high-speed access lowers the number of support calls and significantly reduces customer churn over the long term for ISPs.


ISPs can access a whole new market in the hospitality industry, where the focus is similar to a large MDU, but with a twist. Using products designed specifically for the hospitality market like the new G2002, hotels and conference centers can offer uninterrupted high-speed access on a room-by-room basis. Using Power Over Ethernet (POE) Wifi customer-premises equipment (CPE), the GAM broadband infrastructure can be installed in out-of-the-way areas like guest closets where they maintain excellent service levels but cannot be unplugged.

Watch our video to see what the GAM does for you

Positron’s advanced solutions empower ISPs to leverage existing in-building wiring, avoiding costly renovations. By reusing the Residential Gateway (RG), ISPs can seamlessly upgrade services without disrupting customers. Equipped with extensive management features and non-blocking Ethernet ASIC technology, ISPs can deliver lightning-fast symmetrical Gigabit bandwidth over coaxial or telephone wiring. Compatibility with Gigabit Access to MDU/MTU over Fiber or Fixed Wireless Internet Service allows ISPs to maximize network capabilities without rewiring. By reducing deployment costs and providing a superior user experience, Positron’s solutions enable ISPs to unlock their network’s potential, attract customers, and excel in the competitive telecommunications landscape.

Cost-Effective Solutions for ISPs

  • Leverage Existing In-Building Wiring

  • Re-use the Existing Residential Gateway (RG)

  • Extensive Management & Troubleshooting Features and Capabilities

  • No Renovation Necessary

  • Non-blocking Ethernet ASIC Offers Symmetrical Gigabit bandwidth services to subscribers over existing coaxial or telephone wiring

  • All you need is Gigabit Access to MDU / MTU over Fiber or Fixed Wireless Access.

Find the Right Gigabit Solution

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