Positron’s BRX line amplifiers double the serving area on long copper loops where fiber is not cost effective.

Years of development and thousands of units in operation at 200 carriers has resulted in a very robust
reliable solution that has significant placement flexibility and operates on line current.

Positron’s BRX instantly self adjusts to line conditions and:

• Multiplies the bandwidth on ADSL/ADSL2+ lines by 2x to 4x
• Extends the bandwidth on VDSL2 lines by an additional 2,300 feet
• Doubles the Customer Serving Areas to provide higher broadband services to hundreds of more

Positron’s BRX delivers:

• 10/1 Mbps on an ADSL2+ pair at 17,000 feet on 24 AWG (0.5mm)
• 25/4 Mbps on a VDSL2 pair at 6,000 feet on 24 AWG (0.5mm)


• Increases S/N up to 14 db
• Delivers higher bandwidth further
• Reduces trouble calls and maintenance costs
• Increases revenues and value added services
• Reduces churn


• Residential subscribers
• Business subscribers with up to 8 pair bonding
• DMT backhaul
• Weatherproof enclosures with choice of 1, 2, 8, 24, 48 pairs

positron brx amplifier diagram
positron brx amplifiers 2

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