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Gigabit Internet Solutions for Telecom Companies

Positron’s Gigabit Access Multiplexer (GAM) is the right tool for telecom providers interested in delivering an improved level of internet service to a greater number of customers, all at the lowest possible cost. And make no mistake, providing better and faster service is a must in today’s world, especially with recent rises in the levels of teleworking and student home learning, not to mention the ever-increasing bandwidth demands of many popular home entertainment options. Used by large telecom providers across multiple markets, solutions like the GAM are necessary to provide the top-tier Gigabit services their subscribers want and need. By leveraging both the robustness of the device as well as its predictable bandwidth, GAM solutions enable scaling for large deployment needs that complement the investments Telecom providers have made in their Passive Optical Network (PON) infrastructure.

Who is the GAM Perfect for?

Positron Icons MDUs



Townhouse and Garden Homes

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Single Family Homes

Designed specifically for use in large Multi-Dwelling Units (MDUs), Townhouses and Garden Homes, the Hospitality industry and Single Family Units (SFUs), Positron’s GAM Solution can help telecom providers deliver internet speeds of 1 Gbps over a distance of up to 1,000 feet using existing telephone wiring, or over a distance of up to 2,600 feet using coaxial cable.

With hardware-assisted synchronization to improve the efficiency of Vectoring, Positron’s GAM optimizes the bandwidth for each subscriber based on real-time conditions. What’s more, Positron’s 24-port GAM makes it possible to serve up to 384 subscribers when using a coaxial infrastructure in Point-to-Multipoint mode with standard coax splitters (up to 1:16 per port).

Multi-Dwelling Units

Using Positron’s GAM Solution, telecom providers can finally offer lightning-quick, dependable Gigabit internet speeds to customers in MDUs that were previously beyond reach. By leveraging the existing telephone and coaxial wiring already in place, telecoms can now improve their services without requiring an expensive and disruptive building retrofit. Telecoms can expand their market reach and deliver an impressive ROI with minimal capital outlay.

Townhouse and Garden Homes

Much like with MDUs, Positron’s Outdoor GAM Solution is the perfect solution to enable telecom providers to connect apartment and condominium dwellings all over the country with the Gigabit internet they deserve. The Outdoor GAM is ruggedized in an IP67 enclosure and can be reversed powered by the tenant CPE while leveraging the existing wiring infrastructure to save time and money. Providing stable, high-speed access lowers the number of support calls and significantly reduces customer churn over the long term for telecom providers.


Telecoms can improve their service to the entire hospitality industry using the GAM Solutions from Positron. Using products designed specifically for the hospitality market like the new G2002, hotels and conference centers can offer uninterrupted high-speed access on a room-by-room basis. Using Power Over Ethernet (POE) Wifi customer-premises equipment (CPE), the GAMs can be installed in out-of-the-way areas like guest closets where they maintain excellent service levels but cannot be unplugged.

Single Family Homes

Particularly useful at solving problems in the “last mile,” a GAM Solution from Positron helps telecoms connect with their customers and keep their promise to deliver higher internet speeds at a low cost, all with minimal disruption. Great for service in rural or suburban areas, telecoms that have already constructed and installed along a rural or country road will find that a Positron GAM solution will tie together the last (and most crucial) 1000 feet, enabling customers to get the service they deserve, offering a tremendous value to both telcos and their SFU clients.

Watch our video to see what the GAM does for you

What the GAM does for you?

  • Leverage Existing In-Building Wiring

  • Re-use the Existing Residential Gateway (RG)

  • Extensive Management & Troubleshooting Features and Capabilities

  • No Renovation Necessary

  • Non-blocking Ethernet ASIC Ofers Symmetrical Gigabit bandwidth services to subscribers over existing coaxial or telephone wiring

  • All you need is Gigabit Access to MDU / MTU over Fiber or Fixed Wireless Access

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