GAM extends the subscriber definitions and high speed bandwidth over the existing MDU wiring

Operators are massively deploying fiber to increase their “home passed with fiber” metric. Bypassing MDUs, despite the presence of fiber nearby causes major headaches, starting with potential subscribers that are told they cannot sign up for the service.

The focus on Doors Passed hides the fact that Brownfield MDUs massively translate into “doors bypassed”. Tenants in these bypassed MDUs become detractors.

Expand notion of Fiber Extension
to include native Subscriber Management

Diagram Extend XGS PON

The GAM transforms bypassed doors into passed doors, taking full advantage of the fiber in front of these buildings.

Fiber to the door means high installation costs and long payback time. The GAM offers the lowest CAPEX and fastest payback for Gigabit MDU coverage. More importantly Gigabit speed means very satisfied customers and high Net Promoter Scores. technology extends XGS-PON with OMCI integration.

This means the Subscriber management information from the OLT is applied by the GAM to deliver Gigabit services inside the MDU. Whether you want to use SMx to look at the GAM as a multi-port ONU or delve into subscriber profiles, it’s operation as usual.

Native XGS-PON support by the Positron GAM is the solution you need. No more bypassed doors.

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    Extending Gigabit Fiber services to Every Door without installing fiber to the door

    Positron’s Access Multiplexer (GAM) can extend your fiber services to every door of an MDU/MTU over the existing telephone pairs or coaxial cable to deliver Gigabit broadband. The Positron GAM delivers symmetrical Gigabit broadband without the need to install fiber to every door.

    Positron Access Receives Highly Commended Honor for 2021 Global Telecoms Awards

    The Positron Access Multiplexer (GAM) redefines how fiber broadband services are extended over the in-building telephone or coax wiring to deliver Gigabit experience to every door.

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