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Expedite Your Broadband
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    GAM Solution Brief

    Overview of a Technology that Delivers Gigabit Internet Services: An Alternative Solution to Fiber.
    Positron’s G.hn technology provides managed non-blocking symmetrical Gigabit bandwidth services to subscribers over existing telephone wire or coaxial cable on extended distances, at a lower cost and with reduced complexity compared with G.fast.

    BRX Solution Brief

    Internet subscribers are hungry for higher speeds and are expecting their service provider to deliver.
    Increasing bandwidth for applications such as Triple-Play (video, voice and data) and Over-The-Top (OTT) video streaming services from content providers like Netflix and others only continues to grow in demand. Our BRX solution is the answer.

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    New Options to Serve Gigabit to Small MDUs and Home Clusters.

    The broadband industry has been serving recently built, larger multiple dwelling units (MDUs) and multiple tenant units (MTUs) with in-building fiber infrastructure. When providing services in older buildings, operators increasingly turn to G.hn instead of deploying fiber because a fiber-centric strategy requires a massive investment to pass every door and many subscriber sign-ups to achieve economies of scale.

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    RDOF Cost Reduction & Deployment Simplification

    Discover how higher bandwidth delivered provides more in government funding, which gets you a better return on investment.

    With the advent of “fiber along the road” to serve many homes in rural areas, it is now possible to extend Gigabit Services to each home without disruptive construction work, to bring fiber to the home, and the cost to extend fiber into the home.

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    Reimagine Delivery of Gigabit  Services in the MDU or MTU

    For both condominiums and apartments to rent, gigabit internet access is highly  valued, on par with state-of-the-art kitchens and spa-like health facilities. A recent report from market research firm  RVA LLC indicates that high-speed broadband,  which usually means (up to) gigabit services, adds  2 percent to the value of a condominium and 8  percent to the rental price of an apartment.